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Online Nursing Programs

Online Nursing ProgramsAs nursing becomes more complex in the world today, a bachelor of science degree in nursing can help move your career forward. Getting an online nursing degree program is a great way to start your nursing education!

Online nursing schools offer an alternative for the thousands of people who dream of wearing the white uniform, but can’t enter a program due to time or budget constraints. Therefore Online nursing schools offer an alternative that can be both more accessible and more economical for your needs than having to physically attend a traditional nursing school

1. Online Nursing Education

There are numerous opinions in the media these days regarding online learning. Online education is as common as campus education these days and online nursing schools have have found their way to the forefront of education by helping an unimaginable number of people have unprecedented access to courses they were previously, due to their geographical location, unable to pursue. One of the most compelling reasons to become a nurse is its many job opportunities; the Bureau of Labor Statistics has forecast a large shortage of nurses in the coming years with the aging baby boomer population.

And Online nursing schools specifically have changed the lives of over 50, 000 students by providing them with a new career in various locations coast to coast especially if you live in a remote location or you’re incapacitated for any reason.

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2. Benefits of Online Nursing Schools

Many working nurses with family responsibilities cannot afford to work less while attending school.
Online nursing schools provide education for people who find it hard to enroll in a campus-based nursing school which is accessible and convenient for transportation. Though online nursing education is no less demanding than traditional education, the option of learning online allows many nurses to earn an advanced degree at home, completing course work at their convenience. This saves on travel time, which is particularly useful for students living in rural areas that are not close to any nursing schools.

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They provide comprehensive programs such as:

– Public health and safety
– Medical administrative services
– Medical and health professions
– Mental health services
– Therapeutic rehabilitation
– Medical assisting business
– Nurse assistance
– Patient care assistant

3. Nurse Practitioner

Today, nursing is the biggest health care occupation in the world and is the fastest-growing occupation in the US. Employment of registered nurses is projected to grow 19 percent from 2012 to 2022, faster than the average for all occupations. Growth will occur for a number of reasons, including an increased emphasis on preventative care; growing rates of chronic conditions, such as diabetes and obesity. Once you have chosen an online degree that seems right for you, take your time to read up on the terms and conditions, the frequently asked questions, and to learn whether or not everything offered meets your needs and interests.

One of the few trademarks these online nursing school is known for is developing an outstanding professional knowledge and skills for future working registered nurses. They’re going to make great nurses out of plain people. Theoretically, online nursing schools’ standard curriculum is focused mainly on the studies of the different sciences of nursing like social sciences, physical science and biological science. Online nursing schools also aim to develop and hone the intellectual and social aspects required for optimal client care as well as the cultural aspects of a professional nurse. The essential components of liberal arts is one solid foundation of all online nursing schools.

4. Nursing Degrees

  •  Associate Degree in Nursing or ADN: This program is one of three entry-level pathways to nursing, which helps you develop registered nursing (RN) care in numerous given settings. This degree leads to RN license, and is a good option if you are already a paramedic or a practical/vocational nurse. And its typically takes 2 years to complete.
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing or BSN: The baccalaureate degree is traditional a four year Bachelor of Science degree that prepares students for careers in nursing and qualifies them for continued academic and professional advancement as health professionals. Aside from helping you provide RN care, this degree will move you up to leadership and administrative positions. Online nursing schools’ BSN programs are modified to enhance the development of each students’ professional knowledge and skills of registered nurses who are working. BSN Program, however, will require one to have thirty six (36) nursing core and a 3 credit integration. Upon fulfillment of this course study, students get a worth of 120-semester credit minimum requirement for the said degree.
  • Masters Entry Level Program in Nursing: This online nursing school program is for students with baccalaureate degree in another field and still want to become registered nurses. Usually, this program will take 1 or 2 years to finish it, but it will depend on the curriculum of the online nursing school you are in. Most online nursing schools requires a number of course pre-requisite you should complete. Upon graduation, students become registered nurses and earns a master degree.
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