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Are you passionate about helping College students? Do you love or crave to share your articles with our members and site visitors? Can you research and then write it out to inform, educate, guide, or inspire them? If so, your opinion counts, and we’ll like to publish it.

We’re looking for contributors who can write in-depth, high quality, informative, educative and inspiring articles; especially when written in an entertaining style; to provide specific and useful information to help our readers become more successful in their private and public, non-student, professional and career lives. Get to write for a large audience. We presently accept non-fiction freelance writers and researchers.

We’re now accepting pitches and full-length articles (approximately 1,500 words or more) on important or relevant Colleges, Study Abroad opportunities, Career pathways, Scholarships and Grants topics. Therefore, before submitting an article, please familiarize yourself with our audience and editorial approach by reviewing previously published articles.


We appreciate your interest in submitting your article and we’ve outlined the guidelines for submission below.
When writing an article, focus on adding value to the reader. Help readers make their use of your topic more successful. Our aim is to provide our readers with practical information and helpful tips to get ahead in their lives and careers. Consider the following questions:

– Who is the intended audience for your article?
– How will readers benefit from reading your article? Is it actionable?
– Will they learn a new topic?
– Will they live and/or work more effectively if they implement the list of tips you provide?
– Will they get started more successfully based on the implementation plan you describe?

The guidelines are designed to help you understand what we accept and what we do not accept for inclusion on our site. Note very carefully the remaining part of these guidelines as listed below:

1. The article needs to be an original article, that is written by you. We do not accept copy and paste contents.

2. It must not be an article that has religious inclination.

3. Your content MUST be informative, educative, edutaining or inspiring.

4. Self promotion is not permitted within articles/posts. You can promote yourself, business or service in the author bio section below your post.

5. The discussion or analysis must be objective and civil, with no blatant derogatory remarks. All claims/allegations must be substantiated with documents/photos or other forms of proof.

6. It must not contain pornography or explicit adult materials.

7. The article should be submitted as either word, Microsoft works, PDF or notepad document. All article MUST be written in English Language.

8. Articles/Posts should be about 1000 – 1500 words. A little more or less may be acceptable if it is necessary to get your point across.

9. Articles should not be submitted in all capital letters. Standard formatting is encouraged. Article/Post content should be divided into sections for easy reading with different points developed in its own section. You are strongly encouraged to use ‘Sub-titles’ for each section.

10. Although we will proof-read your contribution before publishing. Please take a moment to read through the article and correct obvious errors before submission.

11. We reserve the right to edit your submission for better performance.

12. Please note carefully that if we determine that any link in your article is unnatural for any reason whatever, we reserve the right to apply restrictions to that link so that no Page Rank is passed through that link.

Submission and Editorial process
Please submit your guest post to:

Authorization to Publish an Article
When you submit an article, you are stating the following:

– The article was created solely by you (and your co-author(s) if applicable)
– The article is an original work and has not been published in any other form
– You authorize our use, modification, reproduction, and distribution of the article.

Please do NOT submit articles that you have also submitted to another publication.


While we appreciate contributions from external writers, we do NOT currently have the funds to pay every writer in monetary value. Instead we allow contributors to add an author’s bio-graph and include a maximum of one link back to their website or blog, and a total of two links only to their Twitter, Facebook or Google+ profile.

In the future, we hope to offer an author’s stipend where applicable.

Also, you get full credit as the author of the content with exposure to the web community; you have your bragging-rights on your bio section; and feel free to promote your cause, aspiration, current activity, profession, business and achievements in a short and simple way. You also get the opportunity to impact lives.

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